Medicine Buddha painting on cotton canvas – handmade thangka painting from Nepal

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Size (cm) : 58×44

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Medicine Buddha is fully enlightened being which means having ability to emanate different forms for the benefits of living beings. Medicine Buddha is the healing Buddha who is believed to heal physical, mental and emotional ailments. The healing mantra practice is effective when the person suffering is engaged in the process. It is even powerful when group practices together for their loved ones or who needs healing. He holds a bowl of Amrit- the nectar of immorality and his colour of skin is Lapis Lazuli Blue.He is able to cure sickness of birth and death. His body is like lapislazuli.He resides in the eastern world of purified lapislazuli. He is assisted by two bodhisattvas called suryaprabha and candraprabha to transform and teach living beings in that land. His right hand held a branch of the myrobalan in varadamudra gesture which signifies the medicine which heals all the sickness and his left hand is in the la holding a pindapatra (alms bowl) which symbolizes that he takes all the diseases and sickness of the suffering beings unto himself.