Head of Yamantaka – handmade hand painted thangka on cotton canvas

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Yamantaka, Destroyer of the God of Death is a violent aspect of the Bodhisattva Manjushree, who assumes this form to vanquish Yama, the god of death. By defeating Hindu deity, the cycle of rebirths (samsara) that prevents enlightenment is broken. Yamantaka, WHO shares several attributes with Mahakala, is identified by his blue skin and the array of attributes. In the Sarma tradition, the Yamantaka Tantras square measure classified because the second class of Father Tantra, known as the Anger class. There square measure typically aforementioned to be 3 varieties of Yamantaka: Red Yamari, Black Yamari and Vajrabhairava. Yamantaka additionally seems joined of the eight deities of Kagye, where he is also known as Manjushree Body. ?jam dpal sku). The directions related to this sort of Yamantaka area unit supported the alleged “four chakras” secret or imperishable chakra, chakra of existence, cutting chakra, and chakra of manifestation. In the Longchen Nyingtik, the Yamantaka practice related to Palchen Dupa is called “Overpowering Yama, Lord of Death”.

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Dimensions 123 × 95 cm


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