Buddha Life (Life of Buddha) – Handmade Thangka Thanka Painting on cotton canvas

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Genuine hand painted thangka on cotton canvas using stone color

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Buddha’s life Thangka is the representation of the different phases of life of Buddha and his path towards spiritual enlightenment in the form of Thangka painting. In this Thangka, the birth of Buddha is shown how his mother dreamed of a white elephant that entered her womb due to which she became pregnant and gave birth to Lord Buddha without any labor pain through her right armpit in the garden of Lumbini. After his birth, he immediately walked seven (7) steps forward. And all of the other events like how he became great yogi by abandoning his family palace by knowing the pain and suffering of the people outside his palace. He then started a quest to find out the solution for the suffering of people and he started fasting, meditating over years to find solution for the suffering of people whatever he did he couldn’t reach level of satisfaction when a little girl gave him rice which he ate and continuing his meditation under Bodhi tree, on the very full moon night once he features a direct realization of Nirvana (eternal peace), which transformed prince Siddhartha Gautam into Buddha Buddhist thought divides the eventful life of Buddha into twelve events. These incidents of Buddha’s life are given a form of Thangka painting in sequence narrated in a special genre of paintings known as the Twelve Great Deeds of the Buddha’s Life. These artworks not solely delineate Buddha’s gradual progress towards religious enlightenment but also present a visual depiction of a vast number of abstract philosophical ideas of puzzling Buddhism.

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Dimensions 40 × 50 cm